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The primer is universal

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Universal primer for internal work, 10 liters in the canister, is a primer mixture that is suitable for all types of bases. It can be applied on the surface of cellular concrete, limestone, monolithic concrete, gypsum, drywall, sand-core materials (silicate brick), clay brick and other materials. The universality of Unis primer is not limited only by the grounds that can be treated with its help. This primed mixture can be used for staining, pasting with wallpaper, cladding with tiles and mosaics, plaster and putty.

Universal primer primer has many positive characteristics. It reduces the absorption of moisture surfaces, including from adhesive and finishing solutions. In addition, thanks to the acrylic supplement, adhesion of subsequent finishing layers with the base increases and the strength of the surface of the base is increased. For loose and weak grounds, however, you should use. She is able to strengthen the bases to a depth of 10 cm.

All types of soils of this brand, including unis, a primer penetration, have the ability to vapor permeability, preventing the accumulation of condensate on the surfaces. Walls, floors and ceilings treated with Unis primer will not be damp, as they pass vapor -shaped moisture. The consumption of a primer mixture compared to cement soils is completely small – only 150 ml per 1 sq. m.

When applying a universal primer, remember that its properties deteriorate if the surfaces are not clean enough. Be sure to remove all the pollution and degrease the bases. You should also remove crumbling and crumbling fragments, deep defects must be filled with special solutions and let them dry. The mixture is completely ready to work and does not require dilution with water.

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