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Bulk floors of different manufacturers

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GLIMS S BASE bulk floor – a mixture for aligning the bases (floors). This type of screed belongs to self -leveling self -leveling, that is, when diluting a dry mixture with water, it acquires a fairly liquid consistency, which allows it to spread over the surface, filling small defects and creating an absolutely even and horizontal layer that does not need subsequent finish processing by a mechanical method.

This method is less time -consuming and faster: the room in which the repair is carried out fasterly commissioned. Due to this, serious financial savings are achieved.

Glims S Base of the bulk floor has a great advantage over similar mixtures, which consists in the fact that it can be applied not only to concrete and brick bases, but also to wooden floors. By means of glims S Base, even surfaces are aligned under a small slope.

The largest layer thickness is 10 cm, the minimum is 5 mm. Thus, when installing the screed, small defects are filled, the depth of which depends on what thickness it is supposed to apply the Glims S Base layer. But in general, it is advisable to fill out deep cracks and other damage before the formation of the screed began, in order to avoid the revenge of the mixture.

If it is necessary to align the floors in rooms where water flowing from below is possible, then before starting work it is advisable to seal the base with waterproofing mixtures. The perimeter of the room is glued with tape, and the bases from strong -feeding materials are covered with a primer mixture, if necessary, twice.

Start working with Glims S Base with a bulk floor before a primer and a solution filling defects and joints dry out. During the formation of the screed after the solution is applied and distributed over the surface, it is necessary to treat its outer layer with a roller with spikes to pierce air bubbles.

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