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Rules and types of ceiling of a country house

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Fundamentals of the basement, inter -story and attic overlap of the house

Regardless of whether there is a second or third floor, each house has several types of ceilings. This is an overlap of the basement of the house to install the first floor and floor, attic ceiling and overlapping between floors. In all these types of ceilings, various materials are used. But mainly for the overlap, wooden beams and reinforced concrete panels are used.

The first overlap in the house is the overlap of the basement of the house to create the first floor, and sometimes to separate the first floor from the basement. In most cases, the basement is carried out by the concrete filling of the first floor of the building. Sometimes, to strengthen concrete overlap between the first floor and the basement, concrete reinforcement is used with an iron rod or a reinforcement grid. The floor between the attic in small houses is always made using wooden beams, which are installed on the base along the width of the walls of the house.

Depending on the length of the overlap, the thickness of the floor beams ranges from ten and to 20 cm. The longer the overlap span, the thicker the floor beam. In addition to the beams themselves, other materials are used to block the attic that strengthens the overlap and the process of insulation is performed. The insulation layer is installed on the frame created in the spans between the beams of the overlap.

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