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There are a fairly large number of various floor coverings. Each of them has its own certain characteristics and features. Here is a list of some of them:






Ceramic tile;

And etc.

Let’s say a few words about each of them.

Parquet is a classic option, but its price is quite high compared to other types. Nevertheless, it has high strength, environmental friendliness and beauty. What can I say there is a natural tree.

Laminated flooring replaced expensive parquet as a cheaper analogue. It received greater moisture protection due to its design representing several layers. It is very simple to assemble the laminate, since manufacturers equip them with convenient castle systems.

Sexual board – Unkinding classic. However, recently, it began to be used most often in summer cottages or as the basis for the finish flooring.

Traffic jam – beautiful and environmentally friendly material. It retains heat in the apartment, and is also a pretty good sound insulator. In addition, cork flooring can become a unique basis for the interior.

Linoleum is easy to use and good in operational qualities. He is not at all afraid of water. Can be used when creating a warm floor.

Ceramic tiles at first glance may seem too cold material. But, nevertheless, it is ideal for organizing a heated floor (both water and electric).

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