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Comparison of the strip and column foundation for building a house

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Foundation for lightweight houses: strip or columnar

Going to start building a low-storey building from a beam, limestone or SIP panels, it will be reasonable to dwell on a lightweight-type foundation that will save you a lot of funds-after all, the foundation often eats up to a third of the construction budget! Of the most common types, it is worth mentioning tape and columnar foundations. Ribbon, as the name implies, is a tape of concrete, laid on a sand pillow in a recess repeating the outlines of the walls of the house. They allow, if desired, to use space under the floor of the first floor; They are mainly used for houses built from shells or aerated concrete.

Lighter structures made of SIP panels allow you to get by with a columnar foundation. From the point of view of the costs of materials and labor, they turn out to be one and a half to two, and in the case of a greater depth of laying the foundation sometimes and five times more profitable than strip. The foundation is a number of supports drowned in the ground, on which the severity of the load -bearing walls of the house falls. It is worth taking into account several features of the column foundation. Where horizontal displacements of soil layers are possible, a rigid strapping is necessary, connecting the top of the supports. Do not use such foundations on weak and marshy soils, especially in the construction of two or more floors. Finally, in this case, the floor of the first floor will have to be treated especially seriously.

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