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Upholstered furniture in the interior

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Just two decades ago, such a thing as “interior design” was little -known in wide circles. And this is understandable: to create an original situation in the apartment, when there were only typical building materials and the same furniture sets on sale, it was quite difficult. Whether the matter is today, when from all the abundance that is presented in the market to decorate the interior, the eyes just scatter. And then the problem arises again – how to ensure that upholstered furniture harmoniously fits into the overall design of the room?

It should be said that a professional designer would best deal with this task, but if you want to understand the issue, you can also on your own. The main thing is to follow when choosing the basic rules, which, in fact, are not so many. Complete, as a rule, it is customary to buy upholstered furniture with sets. Two options for sets are popular today. The first is a traditional set that can consist of a sofa and two chairs, one chair and a double sofa or from two double sofas. The second is a multi-section transformer sofa, including corner. This option is far from always ideal for small -sized premises, and this should be taken into account when choosing. The design only with the correct combination of furniture with the interior style can achieve the very harmony that makes the home atmosphere of attractive and cozy. Traditional sets of upholstered furniture are great for rooms in a classic style, in the spirit of Rococo, Empire, Baroque. In this case, the shape of sofas and seats should be rectangular, possibly with small roundings of angles. The backs should be even and tall, massive seats, short legs.

Multifunctional transforming sofas look best in modern interiors, made, for example, in the style of minimalism, pop art or high-tech. In addition to such a sofa in the room, there is usually a minimum amount of additional furniture. And you need to navigate when choosing by color. So, for rooms in high-tech style, it is advisable to choose a silver tint option, for the style of pop art, upholstery of bright, acid tones is suitable. Accessories to make the furniture look more attractive, you need to shade it using various accessories: lamps, souvenirs, floor rugs. At the same time, one should not forget that the accessories themselves must also correspond to the overall style of the interior. Do not be afraid to experiment, and then you will be able to create a truly exclusive and comfortable environment.

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