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We fasten the lining

by britainsnews

After all preparatory work is created, the walls are carried out, you can proceed to the main stage – cladding of the walls with lining. Experienced specialists of this area recommend starting work with one of the anti-controlled corners and move gradually along the wall-the board behind the board. And this is right, since in the opposite version to gently lining it will not work.

If this room does not imply a reception of guests in the house, aesthetic beauty is not very important, then la ties of the lining is perfect for ordinary nails. Just watch that they do not come across too large, with a torn hat. Of course, there are shortcomings – moreover, such fasteners do not look very beautiful, so the material can also crack. It will be more correct to buy special nails with a small and neat hat for these purposes. They are sold in any business store.

It remains to overcome one more question – how to nail? Or, more correctly to say where? Of course you can not bother and clog a nail in the center of the canvas. This decision has its advantages, most likely it will turn out tightly and for a long time. But if there is an initial task to maintain a decent type of lining, then you need to try and fix the material only in grooves. The best option is to buy a special bracket designed for attaching the lining. Yes, such a fastening will be a little more financially, but the appearance of the material will be excellent.

After the final consolidation of the last bar, it remains only to cover with a special composition. You need to understand that this is primarily a tree. If there is a desire, then the resulting walls can be opened with varnish.

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