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Drywall sheets (GKL)

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Gypsum cardboard is a sheet finishing material consisting of several layers: between two layers of construction paper (cardboard) there is a hardened gypsum.

Types of drywall

Moisture -resistant (GKLV). It includes special water -repellent and antifungal additives. Can be used in bathrooms, in kitchens and just in wet rooms;

Fireplite (GKLV). It is made using special mineral fibers and additives that increase resistance to fire. Used in case of fireplace;

Finishing or ordinary;

Decorative. Used to create decorative structures.

Technical characteristics of gypox

The standard dimensions of the sheet are 1200×2500 mm;

Thickness – from 6, 5 to 24 mm (usually – 8; 9; 10; 12, 5);

The weight of the standard sheet is about 29 kilograms;

The strength of the strength during bending, MPa – 3, 5;

Density, kg/m 3 – 850;

The combustibility class is difficult;

The firmness of the front surface, MPa – 18;

Superficial moisture absorption – no more than 10%.

The use of drywall

Sheets of this material are used to organize various types of ceilings- suspended and hinged, one-time and multi-level, as well as complex decorative. The backlight is easily mounted in it.

It is also used to align the floor for linoleum, tiles, laminate and other floor coverings.

When lining the walls with drywall, a special tape for joints (sickle) is used to hide the joints. Plasterboard walls can be glued with wallpaper, putty and plastered, painted.

When installing interior and office partitions, special profiles are used from which they create a frame. Drywall sheets are attached using dowels (“butterflies”) or screws.

Gypsum cardboard is very supple. Therefore, niches, arches and other design elements in houses and apartments also make it from it. It is occasionally used to build temporary cabinets and shelves.

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