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How to correctly put your own hands on the beams

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Thanks to the tight fixation of the grooves, the floor will always have a high laying density and a flat surface, excluding the changes in height. To provide more dense contact of the lag with boards, as well as give air the right to circulate freely, choose air grooves. This is done in order to exclude the formation of mold and fungi, not to allow moisture accumulation on the floorboard, or to warm the flooring during the heating season or hot period.

There are several types of surfaces provided for laying the floor on them, depending on the building.

Such surfaces can be reinforced concrete slabs, steel or wooden beams, columns-supports. For each case, there is an almost identical laying process.

There are many factories that are engaged in the manufacture of bricks in the domestic market. Among them, one of the leading places is occupied by a brick factory of spells, which makes high -quality products in large volumes. Note that brick brothers are made according to European standards and in a wide range.

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