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Hamam construction: requirements, rules and stages

by britainsnews

Arrangement, design and construction of hammam with your own hands

For centuries, the bathhouse was a great place for relaxation, where one could relax both soul and body. In addition, the bath has a very beneficial effect on the skin, muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory system. In principle, three main types of baths are distinguished: Russian, Finnish and hammams. Hamam is also called a Turkish bath, although in fact it is an Arabic invention. But wherever the boor is invented, we are very grateful for it and in this article we will discuss how to build an eastern bath in our country or personal plot. In simple words, we decide on the concept of the construction of hammam. Modern technologies gave us the opportunity to build hammams on a personal plot.

What does that require?

Fireplaces, bath stoves during construction you will not need. For the construction of Hamam, we will need: large area, warm sunbeds made of stone, heated floor, and a set of equipment of the eastern bath, consisting of:

– steam generator, which will be placed outside the bath and equipped with automatic water supply;

– a control panel located in a steam room or outside it;

– nozzles under the bench for the output of steam;

– dispenser and thickets with aromatic mixtures that join the steam generator;

– a fan protected from moisture;

– a step-down transformer;

– glass door, with an aluminum box;

– Moisture-proof lamps designed for 12-25 volts

– The decalcizer assigned to the steam generator, which should be washed after each use, which will protect the capacity of the steam generator from calcium raid;

– regulator and electric cable for warming the walls and beds of a bathhouse.

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