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Features and use of gas silicate blocks in construction

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Comparison of gas silicate blocks with varieties of cellular concrete

Foam concrete is a progressive building material, foam blocks are used in the construction of load -bearing walls, internal partitions in low -rise construction; In the frame housing construction, it is used as a filler, as well as foam blocks are an excellent additional insulation.

Using gas silicate blocks in individual housing construction, you get significant advantages in the cost of construction work, which is due not only to the low cost of the blocks themselves. For the construction of walls from gas silicate blocks (aerated concrete or foam concrete), expensive equipment, the construction of complex foundations are not required, and the construction time is also significantly reduced. The costs of delivery of materials for construction site are reduced by 50%, the total cost of construction is 40% or more.

As for the qualitative characteristics, the gas -sized wall blocks have excellent thermal insulation properties, which allows you to comply with the most stringent standards that regulate the heat -preserving properties of the buildings. The houses in the construction of which the building materials of foam blocks and foam concrete are used as a heater, have a high degree of comfort, they differ:

* lack of cold bridges;

* high sound insulation (up to 60 dB);

* high fire resistance;

* strength and durability;

* retain heat in winter, and in summer – cool;

* gas -sized is a breathable material;

* have an excellent surface comfortable for any decor.

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