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CARA valves

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In hydraulic or pneumatic systems to regulate and control the flow of the working environment, serval valves are used. Valve houses are made from brass, which increases reliability and resistance to corrosion. The design of the device consists of a working and regulatory elements. Working element – a valve that can be both three -way and four -way. In the valve, the flows of the working environment are mixed to create a single stream with specified parameters – temperature and pressure. Depending on the purpose, the working environment can be maintained within 120-130 degrees with a pressure of 10-16 bar. The regulatory element consists of an electric servo, on which a position indicator controls the opening of the valve is installed. Serv-drive modifications are divided by control: an analog signal at a voltage of 0-10 V; Impulse signal at a voltage of 24 or 230 V.

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