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Stapel fiberglass for insulation of walls and roofs.

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Glass -steamer fiber (glass wool) is a thermal insulation material, a subspecies of mineral wool, which is made on the basis of fiberglass. Unlike basalt wool, fiberglass insulation has in its structure a window of larger length and thickness, so that the material receives additional strength, density and elasticity.

Technical characteristics of the staple fiberglass:

Non -combustibility;

Resistance up to 6000 degrees Celsius;

Vapor permeability;


Low thermal conductivity.

Types of steel -fiber insulation in the form of release:

Plates (standard size – 1200×600 millimeters);

Mats and rolls (standard dimensions – from 5000 mm length and from 1000 width).

The thickness does not depend on the form. It can have the following values: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 250 mm.

The use of glass wool

Glass cotton wool is used to warm the walls and roofs of buildings, as well as pipelines. The technology of its manufacture over the past few decades has seriously changed, however, most manufacturers still advise using protective costumes and glasses, respirators and tarpaulin gloves when laying glass wings.

Several manufacturers of staple fibers that have proven themselves with good quality products:





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