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Performing the interior decoration of the walls cannot but take into account their irregularities. Perfectly even walls can be obtained only if they are made of drywall plates. And in this case, the seams are formed between the plates, which must be smooth out. As a universal equalizer of the walls, the smoothing of the seams and the masking of the imperfection of the walls and the ceiling, puts the putty.

There is a wide variety of types of putty. It is oil or gypsum, dry or ready. But, as a rule, all these signs are secondary. The main classification of putty is as follows, it is divided into starting and finish. Starting putty performs the main function – leveling walls, filling holes, smoothing irregularities and cracks. In its structure, this is a rough porous volumetric mixture. The finish putty has a common nature with a starting, but without sand or other filling materials. It is applied with a thin layer at the end of work with starting putty. Its main purpose is to give the walls and ceiling a pleasant beautiful look. Today, using putty, you can also turn the usual Khrushchev with its characteristic crooked walls into a beautiful apartment of a modern look. There are special tools for this. The most common are a putty mesh and beacons. With the help of the beacons, the level is measured, and the grid is necessary for better adhesion to the wall.

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