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Application and concept of straining cement in construction

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Stressing cement: characteristics, application and rules of use

A variety of expanding cements is straining cement, it is used for the manufacture of certain products from reinforced concrete. When the concrete mixture is expanded, the reinforcement voltage occurs, it stretches to 30-40 kg s/cm2. Using this method, different products from concrete are made, for example: rings and pipes, multi -mounted floor slabs and other products. Stressing cement has such properties as an almost complete absence of water permeability, resistance to cracking and aggressive environments. Therefore, it is successfully used for concreting pools, concrete roof, road surface, waterproofing floors and other structures. The components that make up the basis of straining cements are Portland cement, clay -earth cement and gypsum. Different dosage of components allows you to get cement with a variety of energy.

The rapid hardening of straining cement usually occurs within 4 hours after kneading, to increase this time, boric acid or other chemicals that contribute to a slowdown in the process are added to the solution. In order to get a high -quality astringent, a certain raw material and mineralogical composition are necessary, as well as strict observance of the entire technological process. We supply Portland cement containing mineral additives without additional, the delivery of goods is carried out by our transport or pickup.

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