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Eliminating defects on a laminate with your own hands

by britainsnews

Laminate repair methods and recommendations

If you have a laminate on the floor, and you noticed the presence of defects on it, then you do not need to be upset and buy a new one, since defects can be easily eliminated using improvised materials. To work with a laminate, you will need the following items and materials:

• Rubber spatula.

• Water.

• sawdust.

The bar is wooden.

• heavy load.

• gypsum.

• sealant.

• gloves.

Currently, the laminate is the most popular and high -quality flooring that meets all quality standards. But sometimes it happens that some defects appear on the laminate, for example, scratches, cracks or chips. In order to eliminate these types of defects, you will need to make a special composition to which you will fill the damaged place and after its repair the defect will not be seen. To prepare such a solution, you will need to use sawdust and gypsum. To do this, you will need to take ordinary sawdust and gypsum in a ratio of 1: 1 and dilute them with a small amount of water so that a thick gruel would turn out. Such a solution can be used for cracks, which have a size of no more than 5-6 centimeters. As soon as the gruel you used dries, the place that was repaired is covered with a small layer of varnish.

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