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The life of a motorist is not as simple as it seems. In addition to freedom of movement, the car brings grief – very often dents, scratches and various chips are formed on its body. But, thanks to the achievements of mankind, everything can be easily corrected. Scratch or small dent can be eliminated using putty and subsequent painting. Often, for these purposes, putty ms is used. Let’s try to figure out how it is used.

The specified putty is a mixture of fillers and coloring pigments in a solution. The pre -processed surface should be cleaned of dirt, dust and corrosion products. After that, you can start applying putty. It dries quite quickly – the treated area can be grinded after 15 minutes. For this, it is necessary that in the room where the car is located, the temperature is above +18 degrees. MS putty is diluted with solvent or xylolom. Before the subsequent painting of the damaged body part, it is worth checking that there are no unknown places, cracks and extraneous inclusions on the huddled area.

Car putty is indispensable when filling out the recesses and irregularities of varying degrees. MS putty easily copes with this difficult task. But it should be remembered that the body repair is a very laborious and jewelry process. So let professional masters deal with them.

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