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SHVVP cable.

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The SHVVP wire is used as a connecting cord in various household appliances, as well as to connect mobile household electrical equipment, electrical receivers to the power supply sources, used for the manufacture of domestic extension cords. A variable current, to the source of which you can attach the SHVVP wire, has a voltage of about 250 V. Depending on the diameter of the cores, the cord can withstand the nominal current load from 2, 5 to 6 A. The wire consists of two or three copper cores composed of numerous wires twisted spirally.

There is a type of wire of the SHVVP, which is made from tinned copper. The internal insulating shell of the veins is made of PVK plastic. The external protective shell of the cord is also polyvinyl chloride. The wire has a flat shape due to the parallel location of the cores. This brand of wires is slightly resistant to mechanical damage, so it is necessary to avoid shocks, sprains and other mechanical influences on the cord as much as possible.

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