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Pump modules

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The use of ready -made reinforcing nodes during the installation of heat power systems significantly saves the time of laying the network and helps to avoid errors in the design of the system. The modules are collected in the factory and are provided by thermal insulation. To attach a water circuit with a high temperature: a boiler, radiator heating, a “warm floor” system, a pump module is used. It is equipped with rotary cranes on the lines of the straight and reverse supply of the coolant, as well as thermometers and manual air vents.

The pump module is in the polystyrene heat -insulation foam, fastened with eye. The material of the elements of the pump module – bronze. The pump for the module must be selected depending on the operational hydraulic characteristics of the circuit. The temperature of the coolant can be the maximum of +120 degrees, working pressure – 1, 0 MPa. Joining the contour of the pump module is produced through the outer thread.

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