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Gypsum -plate slabs for the ceiling and installing stretch ceilings

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Features and rules for installing a stretch ceiling with drywall

To cite the ceiling, only the highest quality materials must be used. This rule is to the slabs that overlap the ceiling. Often for such a purpose, plasterboard slabs with a thickness of twelve and a half or fifteen millimeters are used for such a purpose. Such plates can be operated in an suspended state for the most long time without deformation. Now many people prefer to install stretch ceilings. Since this is a less troublesome and beautiful method of ceiling decoration.

Do not save on plates, especially on their thickness. This is due to the fact that thinner products can bend under their weight and in order to prevent such an effect, it is necessary to install fasteners with a more frequent interval. As a result, the developer does not receive savings on the material, but the significant costs of profiles and work. On the other hand, if the developer does not need a particularly heavy ceiling, then there is no need to build it from a sheet with a thickness of fifteen millimeters. Such sheets require the construction of a thorough frame and a profile structure in which a thick square will be used, which will significantly increase the cost of the structure. The thicker the drywall sheet is used, the higher the noise insulation characteristics in the room with a suspended ceiling.

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