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Pas -grained slabs

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Pasobrebnoe plate moisture -resistant hollow 667x500x80 (Volma) – building material consisting of modified gypsum. The design of the PGP (grooves) is simple and, at the same time, functional: from the two adjacent sides there is a comb, and on the opposite sides that are opposite to it-grooves-pasis. Inside the wave of PGP are cavities passing along the entire length of the product. Due to the crests and grooves, the installation process is simplified and, accordingly, the cavities are used to perform two tasks: relief the weight of the structure and increase the heat -insulating properties. Despite the fact that the PGP plate is made of rather soft material, in fact, it withstands quite large loads to compress. Volma groove slabs, the price of which is less than European analogues, and the quality is no worse, meets all the requirements for modern construction for building materials from which non -intake walls and partitions are being built. Pas -glue plates are intended to perform work on redevelopment and zoning of the premises in conditions of normal air humidity (up to 60%). Installation of plates is carried out using a lock formed by grooves and crests, as well as with the help of special glue on a gypsum basis. The glue is superimposed in the grooves and, although the installation of the plates can be carried out both down and up, the first option is preferable, since in this case the installation mixture will not spread and fall out of the grooves, and the connection itself will be more durable, since the weight of the higher PGP will be transmitted through the central longitudinal axis, and not by two lateral. The joints of the grooves are reinforced with mesh and are sealed with plaster. The surface of the plates itself requires only a minimum leveling finishing layer, since it is almost perfectly smooth.

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