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How to make a cork coating with your own hands

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The process of gluing cork wallpaper does not differ from gluing other heavy wallpaper on a paper basis. Glue the wallpaper on pre -prepared walls, starting from windows to the corners. You do not need to apply them, since they are glued to the “joint in the joint”. These wallpaper are cut with scissors. Glue is used the same as for any paper heavy wallpaper. Apply glue with a brush. If at the junctions there are places where it is poorly glued, you need to glue the place with a small brush and press tightly. Cork plates are glued with special traffic glue. With the help of a gear spatula, glue is applied over the entire surface of the tile and on the wall. Let it dry slightly for several minutes, then attach and press it very tightly. Glued wallpaper will completely dry out after a couple of days. To cut the tiles, use the mounting knife.

To install cork sheets, you will have to work hard on the wall. Using the level, you need to draw a horizontal and then vertical line with the intersection of these lines in the center of the wall. Pumping sheets is made from the center to the edges, adhering to the markings. The process of gluing sheets is similar to the process of gluing cork tiles. Cutouts for switches and sockets must be done carefully so that the edge is even. You need to cut out a cardboard stencil. For better design, you can use additional elements from the cork, such as ceiling and floor skirting boards, stimules and internal and external corners.

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