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What is the most common binder building material? Of course cement. It is good in its simplicity of manufacture, small price, high strength and thermal insulation properties. As a rule, cement is obtained from clay firing products or limestone mixtures and filling materials. Such materials can be sand, gypsum, slag and others. Thanks to various interspersed today they receive cement with given properties.

The strength of the cement, as the most important factor is marked as follows: M-400-t. e. The product from this material will withstand a pressure of 400 kilograms per square centimeter. The most common cement brands have a mark within M-350-500. One of the important advantages of cement is the short hardening time. Initial hardening lies within one hour. Final-already within 10-12 hours. But cement cannot withstand critical loads. This requires full sintering time-28-30 days. Thanks to these properties, cement was very widespread. Concrete and concrete products are made from it. Today there is a whole group of compensation with different properties of Portland cement, waterproof cement, expanding cement, hydrophobic cement and many others.

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