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MDF – wood -stamped materials

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MDF plates (Medium Density Fiberboard) – these are environmentally friendly sheet materials

origin made by pressing fine wood fibers with binding additives.

Since these building materials are produced without the addition of toxic resins and other harmful substances, with

the use of MDF can be carried out finishing work inside residential premises, as well as manufactured

Gifts for gifts and other household products. MDF sheets have high quality indicators, they are simple and

Practical use.

MDF sheet materials and their practical use

Modern suburban construction of residential buildings and low -rise construction of commercial

premises often use MDF plates as wall panels of interior decoration. Light frame

stroke also often uses this wear -resistant and convenient finishing material.

Thanks to the safety, ease of use and excellent decorative properties of the material, it can be

Repair and decoration of premises with the creation of light interior parts was carried out.

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