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Mosaic ceramics to decorate the exquisite house

by britainsnews

Original and luxurious interior design with mosaic paintings

If you want to give yourself an eternal work of art, and at the same time decorate your house, then mosaic paintings are your choice. Today, not only the “powers of this world”, but also any person with a delicate taste and instinct for the beautiful can afford.

Ceramic mosaic has a lot of similarities with ceramic tiles. It can be of various shades, and in appearance: glazed, uneven, rough, with cracks under the antiquity, with scuffs, with drops or stains of a different color, imitation of an uneven surface.

In the form of ceramic mosaic is rectangular or square. It is used to decorate pools, floors and walls, facades of houses, and all residential premises.

The disadvantage of ceramic mosaics is the porous structure, which creates many problems when using.

Of course, there is also a small ceramic mosaic in the final materials market. It has high water -repellent properties, therefore it is most often used for decoration of pools and bathrooms. Special processing of the surface of an indistinct mosaic with glaze protects it from lime plaque, destroying the effects of chemical solutions and color loss.

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