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Features of repair work in new buildings

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Repair in a new building: preparation, rules and main stages

As the latest data says, 90 percent of new buildings in the Russian Federation are transferred to customers to further ownership with various defects. About 18 percent of apartments in modern new buildings have quite considerable flaws in the implementation of construction work, with which the use of housing for its intended purpose is unacceptable.

In 24 percent of apartments you can find shortcomings, and the elimination of such deficiencies requires costs in the amount of more than 500 thousand Russian rubles, from the improvement of 48 percent of apartments is needed from 50 to 400 thousand Russian rubles. The most common complaints are about the insufficient quality of work on the decoration and plumbing, as well as for certain shortcomings in the issue of sealing seams, as well as imperfections in the junctions of windows to the openings of the walls.

That is why the repair of an apartment in a new building today is a very popular service.

If you, nevertheless, are not very lucky, and now you are the owner of an apartment that has significant flaws, then you definitely need to make a list of all the flaws discovered and indicate them in acts of admission and transmission.

After that, you need to give your construction organization a claim in writing (certainly with the signature of representatives of developers), and it will already include the shortcomings of the housing provided to you.

In claims, it is also necessary to indicate the term for correcting defects, as well as the exact date until the organization, which is responsible for the repair work in the apartments of such new buildings, is obliged to respond to your claims. Also indicate that you may contact the bodies of construction and technical examination.

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