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Mineral wool slabs for walls, floor and roof.

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Mineral wool is a thermal insulation material that is based on mineral raw materials. It is used both in private housing construction and in the construction of multi -storey buildings.

Types of mineral wool:

Glass cotton wool (glass table fiber and glass wool);

Stone cotton wool;

Slag cotton wool.

However, usually the term “minvat” means the stone one, therefore, first of all, we will talk about it precisely. The basalt fiber is used as raw materials for the manufacture of mineral wool. The composition also includes carbonate rocks as a module of acidity.

Technical characteristics of the Ministry of Health

Non -combustibility (withstands the temperature up to 1000 ºС);

Thermal conductivity – 0, 035 – 0, 039 W/m • K;

The density fluctuates quite strongly – from 30 kg/m³ to 220 kg/m³.

The size of the plates can be very diverse in length and width. The thickness has quite standard indicators. Common plates – 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 250 mm. Some brands of insulation can have a thickness of 10 millimeters.

Also, basalt thermal insulation practically does not give shrinkage and combines the functions of thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Form of mineral insulation:



The Ministry of Plutches are convenient to use. They need to be attached to the wall and fixed using special dowels. Rolls are a little more difficult, but it is easier to cut them into tapes for point casing.

The use of mineral wool

Minvates panels insulate the walls and facades of buildings, floor, ceilings, roofs, foundations, attics and basements. They are also suitable for insulation of baths and saunas due to non -combustibility (at the same time, a qualitatively insulated bath requires significantly less fuel costs). Mineral water heaters are also used for lining of loggias and balconies.

Famous manufacturers who have proven themselves to the quality of products:








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