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Parquet, laminate and substrate

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Each house undoubtedly has a flooring, one or another type. The most frequent ones are a parquet board and laminate. But what exactly is better, what is worse, what are the differences? Let’s try to figure it out. Parquet board is made of wood, or rather from expensive types of wood. Parquet board in the form of flooring is an excellent alternative to a simple parquet, as it accumulates the simplicity of laying (which is also characteristic of laminate) and the naturalness of materials. The parquet board, in addition, guarantees a rather tangible thermal and acoustic insulation, just skillfully choose a substrate. Parquet can most often be subjected to various mechanical influences and deformations, which can lead to damage to it. Also, laminate was often used today since this is the most acceptable type of flooring. The most outstanding advantages of the laminate are the absence of the need for cycling, varnishing, grinding. At the same time, the laminate is not subject to burnout in the sun and has an increased degree of dirtiness – any stain is quickly removed with acetone. In addition to the listed laminate, it also has excellent insulating qualities, again, if you choose the right substrate. The laminate has a useful and most importantly in our time superiority – durability, not comparable with the strength of the rest of the flooring. On a laminate without barriers, you can walk in shoes, it easily opposes the claws of pets. The differences in the laminate and parquet board are significant. Laminate is a solution to those who need a good and inexpensive flooring that will serve for a long time. If you need to withstand the interior, make the floor not only beautiful, but also solid, then the parquet board is the right choice. Of course, the choice should be made according to some other characteristics. The laminate and parquet board should be selected in the same way. For example, a laminate can be put in the kitchen and in the corridor, where the maximum reliability and durability of the flooring is required. The parquet board is suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms, natural materials are recognized as the most important indicator, but this should also be correctly selected by the substrate. For the bedroom – the parquet is the best option, there it will look great. Here the choice is already for the consumer, the main thing is that he is appropriate.

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