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Tile glue the name is rather conditional than the actual. In fact, he easily glues dozens of various materials on the most diverse surface properties. Why tile? Probably because ceramic tiles are the most common material in ordinary apartments and houses. The glue will firmly adhere to the walls and floors with marble, a dic stone, glue foam concrete blocks, glass, wood and many other building materials. But all these materials are rare, and there are tiles in every apartment.

Why today there are so many tiles gluing masters? It is thanks to the universal properties of glue. It can be applied to the surface different in its physical properties, and everywhere tiles, like other materials, will be confident. Tile glue copes with its functions in any extreme conditions: in external work, in conditions of high or low temperatures, in high humidity conditions, etc. D. All this is achieved thanks to a large species diversity.

The basis of any tile glue is cement and sand. But there is a third substance – plasticizer. It is it that sets the required characteristics, creating the desired specialization. Today there are adhesives with rapid drying, resistant to moisture, frost or heat, with increased adhesion … Adhesion is the main property of glue, its ability to fasten materials among themselves. The harder the working material, the higher the adhesion of the glue should be. To increase adhesion, it is recommended to primed the wall before applying tile glue. If you are dealing with strong -feeding surfaces, then primer several times.

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