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Options for laying ceramic tiles on the floor

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Flooring with ceramic tiles and main stages

Now in our time there is a fairly large assortment of flooring. A good coating for the kitchen and the bathroom is ceramic tiles. There are many methods of laying tiles, among them the most famous are "In the run" And "seam in the seam". If you are a beginner in this matter, then the best way to lay tiles, it will be for you "seam in the seam". Before you start laying tiles, you need to prepare in accordance with the surface on which you want to apply tiles. A very important and necessary step for you will be especially aligning the floor.

You need to align the floor due to the fact that the tiles look quite bad on the floor curve. Also, you can feel quite large difficulties in laying, so you need to do the appropriate level in each tile separately. The surface of your floor should be smooth enough, as well as dry. Make a waterproofing layer on the surface. Next, you will definitely need to remove the jambs of the skirting board door. Distribute a place for tiles on the floor. The tile should not be cut in shape on all sides against the walls. It later becomes very noticeable and in general the view itself becomes ugly. The tile needs to be put on a special glue and wait until it hardens, then cover the surface of the tile with a primer. The final step is the grout of the seams located between the tiles.

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