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ShVP cable, KSPV.

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The flat wire of the SHVP is used as an attachment cord in lighting electrical appliances used in everyday life, as well as in household air conditioners, electric fans, electronic equipment, electromechanical devices. SHVP cord does not support and does not spread combustion. Consists of two copper cores laid in parallel in polyvinyl chloride isolation. It is resistant to frequent mild deformation, its resource is about 30 thousand. bending. The cord holds electricity with a voltage of up to 380 V and withstands a nominal current load of not more than 1-2, 5 A depending on the brand. Service life up to 6 years with a guarantee for operation up to 2 years. Can be used at temperatures from -25 ° C to+40 ° C.

The KSPV cable is used in the alarm networks of security and fire safety, for the installation of telecommunication systems and communication systems used in household conditions and in offices. Can be used to create Internet networks. KSPV cable can only be used for laying indoors, while the gasket scheme can be both stationary and mobile. It consists of 2-20 cores with multi-colored insulation made of copper wire with different diameters depending on the brand of the cable. The veins are located in the cable in parallel. Insulation of the cores is made of polyethylene, the cable shell is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic. Working voltage in the network where the KSPV cable is used is about 250 V.

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