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Solid fuel and electric stoves and stoves.

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The entire heating system begins from the boiler for heating a house or furnace. It depends on him how comfortable it will be in your home. When choosing a model, you should take into account not only the price of a heating boiler, but also the price of fuel that a specific model consumes. This is relevant when buying furnaces for the home.

The price of home furnaces depend on the manufacturer and modification.

Solid fuel boilers will be suitable for those whose house the gas pipeline is not brought, and electricity costs are scared. They work on coal or firewood, which means that you will have to allocate a place for storage of fuel. But you can fully feel like a kachegar. Gas boilers are economical and very easy to operate. The only negative – not all houses were carried out a gas pipeline. Electric heating boilers are easy to operate. They do not depend on the presence of a gas pipeline or solid fuel. Thanks to compact sizes, they can be mounted anywhere. Noiselessness is another plus. The disadvantages can only be attributed to a higher electricity price compared to other types of fuel. By type of corps, there are single -circuit and double -circuit boilers. A single -circuit only heats the premises, and the dual -circuit still serves as a water heater.

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