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Glue for ceramic tiles

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Glue for tiles is a special construction mixture that is designed to lay tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaics to the floor and walls. It allows you to glue the tiles on a variety of types of bases.

Types of glue for ceramic tiles according to the type of external conditions

For dry rooms – is used in rooms where there is no high humidity;

Moisture -resistant – designed for bathrooms and kitchens;

Universal – suitable for any type of surface and humidity;

Heat -resistant – suitable for rooms with high temperature (baths, saunas).

Types of tile glue in composition

Cement. Designed for small and medium -weight tiles. Suitable for a dry and wet atmosphere;

Epoxy. Used to attach tiles on steel, aluminum, concrete and wood. Can also be used for alignment;

Dispersive. For surfaces that are susceptible to coatings;

Polyurethane. Elastic, can be used for various purposes.

Special types of glue for tiles

Heat -resistant. Designed to put the tiles on the furnace;

Reinforced. It is necessary when laying heavy tiles;

Quick -hardening. Good during cosmetic repairs in the apartment;

Frost -resistant. Suitable for external work.

The use of glue for tiles

Usually the glue is sold in the form of a dry construction mixture. It is diluted with water and mixed with a special construction mixer (usually a punching nozzle).

Glue consumption depends on its type, as well as on the evenness of the base – floor or walls. The thickness of the glue can be different depending on deviations on the surface of the floor or wall, usually it is 4-5 mm.

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