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We visually change the room with lamps

by britainsnews

There are many techniques, thanks to which it is possible to visually increase, narrow or expand the space, it depends on the set goal. For convenience and comfort when installing light lamps, we give several points that can help.

1. With minimal wall lighting and if there is a good reflection of the finish, this will help to visually make a wider room, which is very well suited for small rooms.

2. With small rooms, it is better to use lamps with direct light.

3. You can correct the volume of the room if you change the brightness of light, which will reflect from walls, floor and ceiling.

4. Scattered or reflected light will visually increase the room.

5. You can visually reduce the height with the help of the lamp, place it on the ceiling. The rays of his light should be directed to the walls. So the ceiling will be in the shade and it will seem visually reduced.

6. And you can increase the height visually and vice versa, install the lamps and rays of light on the wall, direct them upward. So brightly lit the ceiling will visually look higher.

7. Expansion of a visually narrow corridor, you can by placing lamps along a flat line, from one end of the room to the other. If you place the lamps often and install them along the midline, then the room will seem narrowed.

8. If you illuminate the wall at the end of the corridor, it will make it visually wider.

9. If bright transverse lighting in the room, then this reduces the length.

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