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Rules, nuances and stages of laying polymeric floors

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Pacific floors: concept, properties and installation

In rooms with a large area of ​​the operated floor, it is often the question of the correct choice of the material of the flooring.

The traditional concrete screed will not always be an ideal option, because it is not too resistant to temperature and humidity drops, to constant mechanical influences, and generates many dust during operation. Who will like dusty parking in a shopping center, where you constantly have to patch potholes in the floor. For such premises, as well as for premises with specific requirements, bulk polymer floors are produced. The laying of polymeric floors is very reminiscent of the pouring of the concrete floor, only here the composition according to the characteristics of a completely different.

It is more wear -resistant, practically does not crumble and does not dust. Polymer floor is characterized by excellent water resistance and non -combustible. Some varieties of floor intended for filling in electrical hazardous rooms have antistatic properties. Depending on the brand and purpose, the thickness of the polymer floor layer is selected. It can be made as an independent part of the structure, or as a protective element by concrete screed. The coating with proper styling is practically devoid of obvious seams and joints and, subject to installation technology and operating conditions, can last several decades. The use of bulk polymer sex is justified not only in large parking lots and warehouses. In administrative buildings and industrial premises, such floors are also appropriate to use, especially since, depending on the composition of the filler, the view of the finished floor can be very worthy.

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