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Basic rules for gluing wallpaper with your own hands

by britainsnews

We glue the wallpaper in the apartment correctly with our own efforts

Start glue the wallpaper from the window. You need to become opposite the window and choose a corner. Start glue from it. And so to the door. Then you need to return to the window again, and from another window you will stick in the direction of the door. Glue the wallpaper together. One person will work at the wall and at the top, and the second will be able to do the work below and spread the wallpaper. Apply glue on the walls to the width of the wallpaper strip. You can do a little wider. Apply a lubricated strip of wallpaper to the wall. Clean the wallpaper to the wall with a clean rag. Then move down. Try not to leave under the wallpaper of voids, air bubbles. Excess glue needs to be expelled on the side. Wipe it with a rag neatly, so that it does not fall on the wallpaper. The wallpaper from the bottom can be cut off with a blade after drying.

Before gluing the wallpaper near the switches or sockets, unscrew the switmakers and previously de -energize the room. Close the holes in the wall with the kapron lid. You can also use a plastic sheet for this purpose. Make a crusader incision with a blade on the wallpaper, a field of how they are glued to the site. Then unscrew the edges and cut them with scissors. You will get a hole designed for a socket. You can make an incision diagonally.

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