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Profiles for GKL. Lighthouses

by britainsnews

Gypsum cardboard construction is very popular today. This is a convenient cheap, safe, fast and modern method. Thanks to this technology, modern apartments are very different from their ancestors thirty years ago, while being in these same houses. Plasterboard technology will make your dreams of interior style in reality. You can build any partitions, ceilings, arches, decorative columns and other products. All this is facilitated by a set of profiles for GKL. Thanks to them, the design is very strong and do not take up much space. Drywall products allow you to warm and soundproof the room.

The main types of profiles: guide, rack, ceiling, angular and beach. There are also profile suspensions, suspension connectors, mounting tapes and other structures of profile connection. Plasterboard technology is standardized. This gives many advantages. You can choose different profiles from the ratio of price, quality, convenience, etc. D. The remaining details can be transferred to subsequent construction.

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