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The cost of building the foundation

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The foundation is the underground part of the building, which takes on the load from the aboveground part of the house. The choice of the type of foundation, materials, as well as its design and laying depth depends on the type of structure, soils located on the site, freezing depth, building parameters, as well as on the level of groundwater. The foundation intended for a wooden house has less deep laying than a design for a brick or concrete building.

It should be noted that the foundation cannot be selected, guided by the criterion of cheapness and economy. The fundamental factor here is the reliability of the entire structure, not the cost of erecting the foundation. This stage of construction is one of the most responsible ones, since the strength and durability of the entire building ultimately depends on the quality of materials, the correct choice of foundation design and compliance with the construction work technology.

Incorrectly selected materials, the performance of the foundation laying without compliance with design conditions can lead to excess sediment of the house, as a result of which cracks in the walls occur in the building, windows and doors are overwhelmed, and communications breaks occur. Experts say that the cost of building the foundation is from 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the building, while eliminating such errors can reach 50% of the house price.

Correctly completed calculation and competent estimate are a guarantee of high -quality and quick completion of all construction work.

The cost of building the foundation is determined by the following factors:

– type of foundation;

The most economical is the pile-rowing type of foundation, fine-sized strip and slab foundations are more costly. The most expensive is the ribbon-deep-ended foundation, its price exceeds the cost of pile-rosemary by approximately.

– quantity and size of consumables;

The cost of building the foundation depends on the following indicators:

1. Total length;

2. The heights and widths of the foundation tape (when calculating the estimate for the strip foundation).

3. The diameter and number of bored piles (when calculating the estimates for the pile-rowing foundation).

– type of soil;

– remoteness of the construction site;

– land relief;

– groundwater falling;

– The presence of a basement and a basement.

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