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How to repair the roof from the slate on your own

by britainsnews

Repairs of slate roof, like installation, can be done independently. In addition, it is usually not difficult to do it. To eliminate small chips, cracks and other mechanical damage, the surface of the slate must be cleaned first – rinse with water using a hard brush. Then the roof is primed with a solution of PVA glue in water in a ratio of one to three.

Directly for the repair, a mixture of flushed asbestos and PVA diluted in water is used for repair. Keep in mind that it is necessary to cook it in small portions due to its quick setting. Calculate the portion of the solution so that it is enough for 2 hours of work. The solution is applied with a layer of at least 2 mm thick. The slate roof should be repaired in cloudy weather, it is better to have no wind, since the solution will harden too quickly.

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