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To create the “warm floor” system, it is necessary to align the surface of the floor, which will avoid uneven heating during further operation. The screed is made of sand-cement mixture with the addition of a plasticizer, which allows to increase the strength and water resistance of the structure. An insulating substrate is laid on top of the aligned surface. ValTec substrate for floor heating is made of foamed polyethylene, it reduces heat loss, eliminates the possibility of local overheating and allows the heat to be evenly distributed in the thickness of the screed and on the floor surface. To compensate the expansion of the screed, when heated, a damping tape is used, which joins the walls and floor along the perimeter of the room. After that, thermal insulation is laid, the thickness of which is determined by the selected heating system. Use heat -insulating plates of polystyrene foam, which have ledges, which greatly simplifies further laying of heating pipes.

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