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Being a durable building material, a metal mesh, a cell of 50×50 mm, sold in the form of flat paintings – cards with dimensions of 0, 5×2 m, is made of reinforcing wire with a cross section of 3 mm.   It is used to enhance various building solutions in order to give them a frozen layer of greater strength to compress, resistance to mechanical damage and wear. In everyday life, the strength of the mesh with a small cell size is appreciated by transparency, light and breathability, which allows the use of a grid for protective purposes as part of fences or fences. The main purpose when using a metal mesh of 50x50x3 mm for the purposes of reinforcing vertical or horizontal surfaces, builders recommend choosing black varieties of this material that do not have coatings. This approach allows you to significantly reduce costs, because in the process of manufacturing a welded grid, applying the protective from rusting a layer – the most expensive operation. Since the reinforcing metal structure during operation is completely immersed in the structure of cement plaster, concrete solution, aligning bulk compounds for floor. P., then there is no need to protect it from the influence of moisture. Reliably clutching the particles of repair and finishing materials, the welded metal mesh: – contributes to the formation of a monolithic coating; – prevents the formation of mechanical chips and potholes; – is a mechanical obstacle to the development of cracks in mechanical or shrinkage origin. The grids are traditionally used for relatively even surfaces, while the internal or outer angle is created using the facade angles, which are a metal or plastic profile, on the shelves of which areas of the mesh are fixed. Using in everyday life being an inexpensive and strong product, the welded grid is used to manufacture protective grilles on the windows of industrial or warehouse facilities. In addition, on the basis of cellular structures, greenhouse frames are performed, on the basis of which a plastic film is pulled on, which serves as an alternative to a complex in work, traditional for solving such problems. The strength combined with the transparency of the metal grid 50×50 mm is used for the manufacture of animals for animals in circuses, zoos or household farms.

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