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Advantages of dry screed technology for floors

by britainsnews

Dry screed for laying flooring: the main advantages and characteristics

An excellent prefabricated basis for installing floors from gypsum panels is a dry screed. This type of floor laying is relatively new technology, which construction organizations today prefer to others. Dry screed has a lot of advantages, among which:

– high speed and simplicity of assembly;

– the readiness of the coating for operation immediately after its manufacture;

– lack of water and dirt during installation;

– excellent thermal, sound insulation, as well as noise absorption;

– The design of the dry screed allows the hide of communications and wiring into the base of the floor;

– Unlike wet, dry screed exerts minimal pressure on the floor slabs.

Due to the dry screed, almost any defects and irregularities of ceilings are eliminated. A flat dry surface is created even on the basis of continuous bumps and pits. A dry screed is an ideal base for laminate, tile and expensive parquet. To protect against moisture secreted by a concrete base, a special vaporino -insulating layer is provided in the technology of dry floor laying technology. Almost the only drawback of the dry screed is that when in contact with a lot of water, it is prone to swelling. In other words, in an accident on the pipeline, the screed may swell, which will cause damage to the facial coating.

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