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Device and the main advantages of laminate for floors

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Composition and design features of the floor of the laminate material

Laminate is a modern flooring that has gained wide popularity in our country in just a few years.

By contacting the online store of building materials in Moscow, you can order almost any laminate from those present in our market.

The laminate consists of several layers:

1. Upper (overly) – a thin super -strength film of synthetic resins (acrylic or melamine – in most cases, since it is more wear -resistant). The task of the finish layer is the protection of the entire panel, and most importantly – a decorative pattern from damage.

2. A decorative pattern – a picture, on which, first of all, the appearance of the product depends, since it is with its help that the color scheme, structure, and therefore the choice of a particular type of laminate, is determined. I must say that the laminate is not always produced with a pattern that imitates the texture of wood. Often a pattern can imitate the natural structure of stone or tiles. Such a laminate has tile texture, even the contours of the joints are repeated.

3. The main bearing layer is the fiberboard (wood -fiber plate) or chipboard (wood -steering plate) of a high degree of strength. This layer is responsible for the strength of the entire structure, stiffness, conservation of shape, confrontation of impacts and humidity. The thickness of the product as a whole depends on its thickness. The standard thickness is 0.8 centimeters, but customers are more interested in a laminate with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters.

4. Stabilizing layer, which is unrefined paper or paper with phenolic impregnation. Also, plastic can also be used as a stabilizer. The stabilizer prevents the change in the form under the influence of moisture or temperature.

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