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It becomes more and more popular to keep the corner of the green carpet in its summer cottage. It is always nice to lie on it, it is pleasant for children to play on the grass, and just the grass pleases the eye. However, such a site requires considerable care. One of the constant duties on it is the haircut of grass. A modern person who is not accustomed to work with a scythe, of course, will buy a lawn mower. But before buying, you need to pay attention to some points.

The main questions – what are the sizes of your site and its relief. If the site is small, then purchase a hand -made electric lawn. If the middle, then the wheel on the electric drive. If the lawn is 600 squares or more, it is better to get a wheel gasoline mowing.

Electric lawn mowers are easy to operate and care, silent and environmentally friendly. However, if the lawn is large enough, then there is a need to carry a carrier. The gasoline is more powerful, do not gravitate the presence of cords, but more time -consuming in care and operation, more severe, noisy and exude smoke.

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