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Penobsteton: Most Prossevo and Disadvantages of Building Material

by britainsnews

Foam concrete has become very popular and popular building material, thanks to its properties. The advantages of foam concrete include: excellent warmth and sound insulation. It is relatively easy, which allows you to use light -ized foundations during construction. And this is a significant savings in funds and materials.

Foam concrete is simple and easy to install.

It is easy to process, adjusting to the desired size and shape.

A wall made of foam concrete is relatively cheaper than a similar wall that is made of brick or tense concrete.

Due to its foamed structure, through foam concrete, it is easy to lay electrical wiring and various communications, such as gas supply and water supply pipes.

Due to the fact that the walls of aerated concrete forms an absolutely even surface, its subsequent treatment is performed quickly and easily. It is enough to attach a reinforced plastic mesh to the wall and apply a layer of putty. After that, the wall is ready for further processing. The walls can be covered with wallpaper or perform the interior of the room with any design by the wishes of the owner. A reinforced mesh is also attached to the wall from the outside, then you can apply the necessary layer of structural plaster “bark beetle” or obscure with any other mixtures.

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