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What are industrial floors

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When designing a construction site, due attention should be paid to all elements of the structure from the ceiling to the floor. But it is on the floor that the maximum loads occur, especially when it is equipped in a warehouse or industrial enterprise. Its surface is faced with significant abrasive, thermal, mechanical, chemical influences. That is why it is worth paying attention to the arrangement of industrial sex.

High requirements that are put forward to industrial enterprises are fully consistent with polymer coatings. They are often applied to concrete surfaces, but can be equipped on other grounds. The coatings are light in cleaning, not subject to combustion and have an anti -slip effect.

As noted above, they encounter where to find highly filled floors is not expensive with mechanical high loads – racks are installed on them, they are moved using special equipment and transport goods. The surface as a result is faced with increased influence, which it needs to be withstanding and maintaining its integrity. The next requirement is resistance to wear, as such coatings with high patency are faced.

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