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Options for the use of skirting boards during repair

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Skirting board for decoration: functions, types and methods of installation

Skirting board is an extremely important part in construction and repair work. It is a wooden, plastic, aluminum bar, which favorably hides the gap between the floor and the wall, gives an aesthetic appearance, protects the walls from getting wet and destruction during operation, cleaning and so on. With good design design, it can also be used as an element of decor of various kinds of rooms. Safe and solid skirting boards made of wood (array and veneer) are environmentally safe and solid).Plastic skirting boards are cheaper, but also strong and durable, less exposed to excessive moisture.

At the moment, there are even skirting boards for carpet (allowing to glue the flooring and creating a whole type), skirting boards with a cable channel (with a channel for hiding the wiring there), a filler (at the place of connection of the ceiling and floor), the skirting board for the coatings on the wall and the wall and skirting tape (from soft PVC).The company of skirting boards offers high -quality classic products that are ideal for any residential and office premises. A special design of skirting boards allows for various repair work without their complete disassembly. Noble trees in the quality of the material and competent coating ensure durability and resistance to damage.

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