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How to competently choose tiles for the kitchen, bathroom

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Tiles are usually installed in rooms with difficult conditions: kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, pools, facades of buildings. Depending on the place where the tile will be laid, various requirements are put forward to it. Ceramic tiles are usually chosen due to its frost resistance, hygiene, wear resistance, as well as a large number of designs. Due to the huge number of characteristics of tiles on the package, you can see different markings, which will tell you about its features.

The badge icon against a dark background suggests that the tile is intended for the floor. The high level of wear resistance is indicated by a black foot on a light shared field. The image of the hand means that the tile is designed for walls. The symbol of the snowflake will tell about the frost resistance of the tile.

The letters in the labeling of tiles indicate the degree of its resistance to various chemical influences. “AA” is the highest, and “o” is the lowest.

Tiles for the bathroom should be acid -resistant and porous, while wear resistance is not such an important indicator. Tiles for the kitchen floor should be resistant to chemicals, and also be strong and have low porosity. The floor in the corridor, lobby or hallway is better to lay wear -resistant tiles.

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