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Staining the ceiling surface with its own efforts

by britainsnews

Preparation and nuances of technology for staining ceilings with your own hands

When staining the ceiling on your own, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. First of all, I must say that before staining, it is necessary to cover the floor and other objects that may be spoiled by the film. Next, prepare the surface – align it and grind it. To do this, use putty and a mixture of deep penetration, which prevents the occurrence of fungi. It should be noted that the putty layer must be treated with an abrasive net. Thus, the surface will become smooth and even.

It is difficult to apply the paint to the ceiling surface, so you should use the telescopic handle, the length of which is regulated. As for the roller, it should not be too small, it is better to choose a tool about 18-20 cm wide. In addition, the casing of the roller should be vile, but in no case is foam. Long villi are able to hold the paint, so you can avoid spraying the mixture.

To stain hard -to -reach places, it is worth using a small brush with a soft pile, while it is important to make sure that there are no smears. Thus, staining should be carried out carefully using high -quality tools and materials.

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