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Plywood 10 mm Molisten

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Moisture -resistant plywood 1. 5×1. 5 – 10 mm is made from the veneer of deciduous and conifers of trees. Consists of 7-9 layers of veneer saturated with epoxy glue. The thickness of the inner layers of which is not more than 4 mm, the outer – 3, 5mm. The maximum deviation in thickness for polished plywood is 0, 4mm, for the unstable – 1, 0mm. Sheets made of one wood breed belong to homogeneous species, from several – to combined. Plywood is used in the construction of low -rise structures; in repair work; when sheathing walls and rheasts; in the design of residential and household premises; in furniture production; in the advertising business in the production of cabinets and signs; In the manufacture of containers.      Moisture -resistant plywood of 10 mm is of different varieties: in the quality of each variety of plywood determines its exploitation area. So the plywood sheets of the 4th varieties are used for the production of containers – the wavyness and roughness of the surface, the presence of small defects are allowed here. Class E – the highest quality – is often used in design and for decoration of various surfaces, in furniture production. The most popular 2nd variety with the optimal ratio: price-quality. Moisture -resistant plywood 10 mm can also be used in open spaces after additional processing. However, it is undesirable to use it in rooms with high humidity – for this there are waterproof varieties of plywood. However, this variety perfectly withstands various types of processing: impregnation with olifa; painting with alkyd colors; sticking with wallpaper, including vinyl. Since the presence of minor defects of the wooden surface is possible only in the inner layers of the veneer, after processing, the surface of the plywood becomes perfectly smooth and even, acquires a uniform shine and can serve as an element of the decor of the room.   

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